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How To Clean & Maintain Gutters & Downspouts

'Gutter cleaning time', not the sort of words that will leave you with a smile on your face. 

While most homeowners know that regular gutter cleaning is an essential home maintenance task, due to the difficulty and frustrating aspects of the project, it is often delayed for another day. But if you would like to learn how to clean your gutters like the pros, read on to see some expert tips from the experienced crew at Gutter Cleaning Brisbane.

Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?

Once debris, leaves and sticks accumulate in your gutters, water will not flow correctly off your roof. The extra weight of the debris in the gutters can cause them to sag and leak. The leaves will hold water and can cause your gutters to rust, especially in the corners and joints.

Roof repair companies often receive calls from worried property owners when they see a leak in their roof. Where does the problem start? Gutters that are jam-packed with leaves cause water to flow over the gutters and leak into the internal structures of the building.

Pooling water from overflowing gutters can also cause major damage to the foundation and landscaping of your home or office. Cracks and mould in the foundation can be depressingly expensive to repair.

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Gutters?

Even though you may have invested a minor fortune into your home insurance each year, it may not cover your overflowing gutters.

A recent report by Canstar highlighted that insurers such as NRMA and AAMI will not cover water damage caused by blocked gutters if there was not regular gutter cleaning, as this is an essential home maintenance task that could have prevented the problem.

What Is The Best Gutter Cleaning Frequency?

On average, the most common gutter cleaning frequency recommended by home maintenance professionals is once every 6 months. The location of trees to your property, the height of your roof and the condition of your gutters can all have a significant impact on the required frequency of cleaning your gutters. Engaging the services of a professional gutter cleaner to assess your gutters is the most accurate means of identifying the ideal gutter cleaning frequency for the unique circumstances of your gutters.

Downspout Cleaning Is The Key

Is water struggling to flow down your downspout? It is surprising to find out how many homeowners in Brisbane clean their gutters, but fail to clean their downspouts. It does not matter how sparkling clean your gutters are, if the downspouts are jam-packed with leaves and debris, your gutters will not flow.

What Should You Do If Your Downspouts Are Blocked?

Many professional gutter cleaners use a drain snake to actively agitate the blockage. By manoeuvring the drain snake on various angles, you will be able to dislodge the blockage. Once the blockage has been rectified, pour an adequate amount of amount of water through the downspout to double-check that the drain is in proper working condition. Keep an eye out for any leaks in the seams of the gutters. If water is draining out the seams it is a sign that the downspout should be replaced to prevent any water damage to the foundation of your property.

It is best to clean the downspout AFTER you have cleaned your gutters, but it is added here so that you won't forget like so many other homeowners in Brisbane.

Pro Tip: If your downspouts are getting blocked easily, consider installing a thinner gauge downspout strainer.

How Should You Clean Your Gutters?

Only access your gutters if you can safely do so. Proper PPE, ladders and ladder safety techniques should be used.

Scoop out all leaves, twigs, debris and dirt. Wearing thick leather gloves can help your hands not end up scratched up by the end of the task.

Using a hose or pressure cleaner, wash down the gutters to ensure that even fine dust and dirt is removed from the corners of the gutters. Take note whether the water pools in any sections. If water is pooling in low points in your gutters it can be a sign that your gutter has already sagged and may require replacement or reinforcement.

Once the gutters are dry, carefully inspect the gutters to ensure that there are no holes, cracks or signs of damage.

What Should Be Done About Small Holes In The Gutters?

Small holes, commonly referred to in the industry as 'pinholes', can be caused by corrosion. If you identify pinholes in your gutters following the cleaning process, it may be a sign that you might need to increase the frequency of your gutter cleaning.

You can use a product like Selleys Roof & Gutter Speed Seal to simply fill in the hole. With a super fast cure and even consistency, it is a cinch to use and is ready in one hour. Make sure the top of the fix is smooth to touch. After one hour test to see if the patch is properly waterproof.

What Is The Easiest Way To Clean Your Gutters?

Hands down, the easiest means of ensuring your gutters are properly maintained in Brisbane is to call the industry experts at Brisbane Gutters. With qualified tradesmen that take the time to do the job right the first time, Brisbane Gutters take the stress and hassle out of gutter cleaning.

Don't worry about a thing.

Brisbane Gutters will arrive with everything they need to not only clean your gutters, but prevent guttering problems from occurring in the future. By focusing on the long-term integrity of your gutters, Brisbane Gutters can extend the lifespan of your guttering system.

With impressively affordable rates, you will have no hesitation in recommending Brisbane Gutters to your family and friends.

If you would like to take advantage of a free quote, give Dan at Brisbane Gutters a call now. Once you discover how affordable their rates are, you might never do your own gutter cleaning again.

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that any minor faults or damage to your gutters will be repaired.

Extend the lifespan of your gutters and ensure your guttering system is ready for the next heavy rainstorm to hit Brisbane.

Visit the Brisbane Gutters website to discover the entire range of services the team provides.

Brisbane Gutters
Address: 11/1 Kelda St, Robertson QLD 4109, Australia
Phone: 0490 549 257

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Whirlybirds – Not Just Great For Summer

When you think of the roof of a typical Australian family home, what do you picture?

If you are from suburban Sydney maybe you picture red tiled roofs. For individuals in the Northern half of Australia, maybe you are envisioning lightly coloured Colorbond roofs.

But what do you see moving on the roof?

Is it the iconic Australian whirlybird?

All over Australia, savvy property owners have installed whirlybirds of every shape and size onto their roofs.


Well, obviously there are massive cooling benefits. The roof cavity of your property acts as a heat sink. Air that is trapped under your roof and above your ceiling gets heated to extreme levels on hot summer days. That heat is then radiated throughout the house through the ceiling and internal structures.

A whirlybird removes heated air from the roof cavity and replaces it with fresh cool air. Homeowners report that the cooling effect of installing a whirlybird is significant.
So if you would like to reduce the cost of your electricity bill in summer, installing a whirlybird is an easy and cost-effective way of reducing your reliance on air-conditioning during even the most intense heatwave.
But are there other benefits that whirlybirds can bring?

Do you have issues with mould in your house in winter?

The proliferation of mould not only presents health risks but it also creates a musty and disturbing smell that reduces the comfortability of your home.

What is the leading cause of mould?

Especially in the winter months it is vital to remove moisture and increase ventilation in order to create an environment that prevents mould growth. Whirlybirds and roof ventilators increase air movement throughout your property, thereby ensuring water vapour does not settle on your surfaces.

If you have ongoing mould problems in your home and office, a whirlybird could be the solution.

Does your bathroom have an extractor fan that removes all of that moisture from your bathroom? Have you ever considered where all of that moist air goes? Directly into your roof cavity.

A roof ventilator increases air movement throughout your roof cavity. By preventing the moisture buildup from steam and condensation, whirlybirds create a healthier atmosphere and environment in your property.

 What Is Australia's Favourite Whirlybird?

Twista is an Australian owned and operated company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing whirlybirds and roof ventilators since 1999. With installation teams in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Gold Coast, Caboolture and Brisbane, Twista is your local roof ventilation team.

Using premium quality materials and components, Twista whirlybirds are designed to last. Combining peak performance and class-leading durability, Twista whirlybirds offer exceptional value for money.

For eco-friendly cooling in summer and a dry winter, rely on Twista whirlybirds.

Visit the company website to discover the complete range of roof ventilation systems the team provides.

Twista Whirlybirds
Address: Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia
Phone: 1300 797 714

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