Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sustainable Keyboards - Bamboo Is The New Plastic!

Well I never.

A keyboard made from 92% bamboo - chosen because it is easily grown with less water, and easily recycled.

What's more, it's wireless (bluetooth), has it's own lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and is the same price as an Apple wireless keyboard of similar dimensions! Everyone says Apple uses the best design lines... but this just beautiful. It truly feels like nature meets technology and nature won. Waxed bamboo feels great on your fingertips too.

Read the Sustainable Wireless Keyboard Press Release, or buy the Bamboo Keyboard directly. They have a few other natural eco-friendly products available too, like an iPhone cover (albeit a bit pricey) and iPad/screen holders.

What I really thought was worth mentioning about this product and manufacturer, is that they seriously show their commitment to the environment by offering to recycle your keyboard at any time if you send it back to them, and they will give you a $10 voucher in return! Clever. And sustainable.

I think it's also great that they include a free iPhone recharge cable with the keyboard, so you can recharge it's onboard battery from a USB port. That makes it better to me than my Apple wireless keyboard, since it requires rechargeable AA batteries which require a separate charger. And I'm sure the extra iPhone USB cable will be useful to many smartphone users who are as frustrated as I was when the original cable  broke!

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aussie Websites Give Free Shipping

Update: If you're looking for a way to win back some value, check out this Twista letterboxdeals competition.

Adding to the attraction of better prices online, many Aussie internet retailers are giving free shipping to Australian, cross-Tasman and even European & U.S. shoppers this gift season.

"Look, it's a real discount and we pay for it, but I think it's only fair" says Jason Bogatai who has two designer gifts stores in Sydney city, "because shoppers expect to save when they buy online, not get slugged with big freight costs." His online gift store offers free postage for any order over $100.

Melanie Becker started the exercise wear label Female For Life last year and normally charges $10 or $15 postage on each order. "It's been a tight year for many families - especially after the quakes & floods, etc. So we hope to open up opportunities for gifts by paying the postage for our customers". Any purchase from will be shipped for free this summer, including sale items.

Shop online and save!

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