Friday, February 27, 2009

Promotions Comotions

Everyone wants to know how to attract visitors to their website that might just be looking for something they've got to offer.

I read a lot of Sage Lewis's column on Search Engine Watch. Not only is he a genius, he's crazy, and that's why his advice is good - it works, and more importantly it gets you thinking.

He's working on choosing the best sort of promotions for link building this week, and offering an entry for a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate to anyone that will link to his current article - one entry for each link from a different domain.

This is a great idea and will score links and feedback and was easy to participate in. From the promoters point of view, although he stipulated multiple link for multiple entries had to be from different domains, he didn't state if nofollow links counted (like on blogger and wordpress domains) and if the spot even had to be indexed let alone get decent traffic. (Rules like that make it harder to participate but easier to score less-than-useful links...)

The only thing he didn't do was provide a url to link to, meaning if you were reading the newsletter on email (as many do) you'd have to find the article to get the link address. Maybe this was all part of the test was it Sage??

[Update: Just when you think a promotion wouldn't work for every client who has an SEO campaign... we were approached by this Window Cleaner in Sydney's Lower North Shore who was already running a monthly promotion on his website! Yep - even a regular service like window cleaning was subject to the same attractions that have seen Groupon, Scoopon, Cudo & Spreets become very popular with Sydney-siders - and I mean consumers, not just advertisers!]

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