Thursday, December 6, 2018

Is This The Best Wholesale Designer Furniture Store In Sydney?

If you love designer furniture then you know that buzz of excitement when an item just talks to you.

Whether it be a lush leather couch that you can envision sinking back into on lazy winter evenings or a luxurious dining table with an earthy presence, furniture design can have a direct impact on our lifestyle.

So what options are there for purchasing designer furniture in Sydney?

There are some exquisite boutiques scattered around Sydney's suburbs that host the latest collections of some of the most talented local designers as well as noteworthy design houses in Scandinavia. But for something truly unique, SLH is well worth your time.

It may slip under the radar if you are not associated in the inner circles of interior designers and stylists in Sydney. But for those in the know, SLH is a treasure haven of exquisitely crafted furniture, homewares and artworks.

Whether you are after some small pieces to spice the living room in your apartment or you are sourcing wholesale luxury furniture for your corporate space, SLH offers a unique collection of high-end furniture.

With a constantly evolving range, the lifestyle curators at SLH are passionate about sourcing contemporary furniture that offers the perfect marriage between functionality and luxurious quality.

The SLH Difference

SLH offers high-end furniture without the ubiquitous nonchalance that is common in boutique designer furniture showrooms. The team legitimately love the amazing range of unique furniture in the SLH collection and happily provide a personal and professional service to help you find the ideal furniture for your project. If you need assistance finding the best furniture and décor for your design brief, the experienced staff will help you identify the perfect pieces to suit your sensibilities and taste.

The team take great pride in travelling throughout Sydney, Australia and the world to find the most creative furniture that will add to your lifestyle. With a wide palette of styles, SLH has something for everyone.

It doesn't matter whether you are fitting out your modern corporate office or soulful family home, SLH has furniture that will help you express your personality and create a tailored space for you.

From brightly coloured feature pieces to luxuriously plush leather couches, SLH can help you bring to life your ideal space. To assist you in sorting through the impressive selection of designer items, the team have hand-picked ranges to help you find everything you need to breathe life into your space.

Nordic Winter - Scandinavian Furniture


If you are craving some more hygge in your life, SLH is the place to come to source effortlessly stylish Scandinavian inspired furniture and artworks. With earthy timbers that provide a luxuriously cozy aesthetic, the Nordic Winter range will help you create an interior space perfect for enjoying life.

Tropical Vibes

If you are searching for an on-trend design that offers an energetic and uplifting atmosphere, tropical prints tick all of the boxes. Add a fruity feel to your space and add some festive smiles to your home. The carefully curated Tropical Vibes collection contains a wealth of decorated bowls, cane furniture and accessories that will have you feeling warm and tropical all year round.

Bold Like Frida

If you follow the latest interior design and style trends, then you will be well aware of the popular designs of Frida Kahlo. If you are ready to liven your space with bold colours and bright pieces, this stunning collection of unique pieces will be sure to transform the personality of your space.

Wholesale Furniture Store

Are you a design professional searching for a wholesaler of designer and contemporary furniture? SLH offers a professional and convenient service as well as class-leading discounts for industry partners. SLH offers wholesale furniture prices on a wide range of designer goods for residential and commercial interior design and decoration professionals. Sign up on the furniture stores Sydney website for a wholesale account and enjoy the exquisite collection of unique and distinctive décor with the very best prices.

SLH also teams up with brick and mortar shops, e-commerce stores and furniture boutiques to utilise the impressive collection of furniture and homewares in stock at SLH. As one of the leading Sydney furniture stores, SLH knows what business owners in the furniture retail industry need to succeed and they are happy to create positive relationships with class-leading service. Team up with SLH and they will be with you every step of the way. If you need custom made furniture solutions to suit a specific design brief, the team will make it happen.

What Are Some Of The Brands At SLH?

The team at SLH are dedicated to creative expertise and quality craftsmanship. By strictly supporting brands that stand out from the crowd with bold design choices and meticulous workmanship, SLH retails a select group of leading designers.

Brands such as Karpenter, Mamagreen, STRADS, KLEO and Marmo offer the authenticity and artisanship that meshes with SLH.

To discover the brands that are currently in stock at SLH, visit the company website today.

The easy to use website offers a hassle-free furniture shopping experience. With over 2,000 products in stock, you are bound to find something that suits your style and taste.

For the very best prices on the most breathtakingly stylish furniture at SLH make sure to sign up for the company newsletter. Not only will you receive notice of the very best sales and specials, but you will also receive an impressive 10% off your next order just for signing up to the mailing list.

Are you ready to add some designer style to your home or commercial space?

The SLH website is the perfect place to come and inspect for yourself the luxuriously plush lounges, stylish dining tables and a massive range of unique artworks. Enjoy the refined décor of the showroom and mix and match collections to create your personal space.

Explore the entire range on the SLH website and enjoy the convenient delivery and postage options.

If you are searching for the #1 furniture wholesale store in Sydney, SLH stands out from the crowd.

SLH (Sounds Like Home)
Address: 483 Balmain Rd, Lilyfield NSW 2040, Australia
Phone: (02) 9810 7002 

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Where Is Sydney’s Best French Restaurant?

Are you ready for a fine dining experience that will take you back to the dimly lit alleyways in Paris?
Have you been searching for a neighbourhood bistro that adheres to the highest stand of culinary expression?

Sydney is spoiled for choice when it comes to fine French dining. From the highly regarded hatted restaurants in the Sydney CBD to the talented chefs on the Northern Beaches that are providing the local community with dishes that would not look out of place on a patterned tablecloth in Bordeaux.

But if you are after soulful cuisine with a distinct Provençal flair what options does Sydney have?

Sous Le Soleil is a shining beacon of modern French dining in a delightful setting on the North Shore of Sydney. Providing the friendly service of a neighbourhood bistro with the superb culinary skills of some of Sydney’s most talented chefs, Sous Le Soleil is making a strong case for being the best French restaurant in Sydney.

Combining passion, talent and tradition, the team at Sous Le Soleil specialise in utilising the freshest local ingredients to bring a nice face to modern French dining. 

Would you like to start with La Camille en Bonbon, Le Carpaccio Maison or Des Jacques en Ligne? Following your carefully crafted entree, you can progress to Le Canard a l’Orange, L’Agneau venu d’Orient or the Une Poelee Fermiere to just name a few of the stars on menu. If you still have room for dessert or cheese, the heartwarming range of in-house baked treats will be sure to set your heart racing. This is traditional French dining married to the excitement of the modern Sydney dining scene. To explore some of the eye-catching meals the team dish out, come and visit the best French restaurant Sydney website.

What about the wine list? It makes for exciting and inspiring reading. With local award winners and some of the Grand Cru classics from the wine-fields West of Bordeaux, there is something for every taste. Allow the sommeliers to recommend a bottle or enjoy the experience of teaming your meal with your chosen tipple. 

Well dressed wait staff provide the perfect balance of attentive service without the nonchalance of your favourite French restaurant in the 11th arrondissement. The welcome is warm, the decor is stately and the aroma greets you as walk in the door. 

Locals have been frequenting Sous Le Soleil for years and have noticed the diligent attention to detail and growing skills and confidence of the talented chefs. With a weekly changing menu that makes the most of seasonal ingredients, this is an establishment for those who love to savour their meal. This is a reliable local that offers exquisitely fine cuisine in a welcoming environment.

Housed in a restored 19th-century cottage in the heart of the North Shore, Sous Le Soleil offers a unique approach to French dining that includes art, fashion and showmanship. Not the kind of loud brash attention-grabbing Parisians that will manhandle you into their restaurant, but more of a respected art gallery blended with approachable haute cuisine.

At the conception of Sous Le Soleil, the team dreamed of bringing together fashion, design and art in a venue of warmth and hospitality. Team up an exceptional dining experience with a refined shopping exhibit. Showcasing some of the products of the region’s most talented artists and designers, Sous Le Soleil allows you to not only tack home memories of a spectacular meal, but also bring home innovative and unique artworks and decorations that reach to your personality. With hand-crafted pieces and decor from different shows and design houses from all over the world, Sous Le Soleil offers a unique dining experience unlike any other.

Offering premium quality French meals with a modern twist.

Special Event Sydney

Are you planning a function or special event?
If you are not satisfied with mediocrity and instead want an establishment that will go the extra mile to ensure your function reaches spectacular heights, you are going to love the packages that the team at Sous Le Soleil provides.

You provide the guests and the design brief of the special event and Sous Le Soleil will handle the rest. With tailored menus, memorable surroundings and industry-leading service, Sous Le Soleil is the perfect location to host your family reunion, corporate event, wedding or special event.

Functions of up to 150 people can be held in the elegantly appointed grounds at Sous Le Soleil. With private rooms, terraces and a large courtyard, you can choose the best setting for your desired atmosphere. If you would like to discuss your special event with the team at Sous Le Soleil, don’t hesitate in contacting them today on phone or via the company website.

Is it too much to think that you could blend the dining sensibilities of a French bistro with the trendy nature of a modern French cafe? Sous Le Soleil offers the best of both worlds by providing elegant French meals teamed with the most flavoursome coffees and teas in the morning.

From a French take on the iconic Australian smashed avo through to a genuine breakfast Croque Monsieur, Sous Le Soleil adds a little touch of Provence to your morning cafe run. Whether you are catching up with friends over brunch or searching for a welcoming morning cafe for your own personal treat, Sous Le Soleil brings the best things about a French cafe to your local neighbourhood.

Are you ready to stop reading and start enjoying this elegant cuisine for yourself?

Bookings are essential, so to ensure you avoid disappointment visit the company website to make a booking for you and your loved ones.

While you are on the company website, be sure to sign up for the company newsletter to ensure you receive the latest news on special events and releases.

Would you like to buy a gift voucher?

Sous Le Soleil takes the stress and hassles out of finding that perfect gift for that one person who has everything. Gift them a treasured experience of fine French dining in an appealing and welcoming setting. You might just need to gift yourself a treat as well.

To discover this weeks menu and to make a booking, visit the Sous Le Soleil website today.

Sous Le Soleil
Address: 60A Clanville Rd, Roseville NSW 2069, Australia
Phone: (02) 9880 8816

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Where Is The Best Organic Supermarket In Sydney?

Have you been searching for the best wholefoods grocer in Sydney?
Are you always on the lookout for certified organic goods with reasonable prices?
Do you have boutique items such as open range farm eggs, organic seafood and the freshest Angus steak on your shopping list?

Sydney is full of talented chefs, culinary masters and self-assured foodies. Whether you appreciate raw and organic food for the rich flavours or for the nutritional value, finding organic produce that is affordable can be a challenge.

Thankfully, there is Maloneys Grocer.

Who Is Maloneys Grocer?

Remember how your grandparents recalled stories of their local grocer who would hand pack the bags, take the time to have a friendly chat and travel far and wide for the most delectable fruit and vegetables. It seems like just a novelty now in the time of the large grocery store chains.

We are used to being treated like a number and being satisfied with whatever mass-produced goods have been imported into the supermarket.

But at Maloneys Grocer, things are run a little bit different. Come and meet the Maloneys Grocer team on the organic supermarket Sydney website today.

Family owned and operated, Maloneys Grocer provides the boutique range of organic goods and fresh produce and traditional customer service that you just don't encounter in this day and age.

Richard and Joanna Maloney are passionate about good food. Without blowing their own trumpet, they make sure that every meal is an explosion of taste, with balanced textures and flavours. This passion for good food is the reason that they dived into bringing Maloneys Grocer to life. They wanted to provide the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney with the very best quality ingredients so that families can upgrade their dinner time.

Organic Produce For Your Busy Sydney Lifestyle

Life is busy, so sometimes it can just be easier to eat out. But the team at Maloneys Grocer are committed to providing you with the wholefoods, organic groceries and locally sourced produce to make sure your meals are something that you can cherish with your family.

Invite your friends and family for a meal, but leave the preservatives, additives and colourings off the guest list.

With the freshest ingredients, you will be able to create memorable meals that your guests and family members will cherish.

Maloneys Grocer is not some generic supermarket or even health food store. This is a boutique neighbourhood grocery with staff that offer friendly and personalised service. With a goal of not only providing the local community with nutritious produce that tastes delicious, but also being actively being involved and supporting the community.

With three stores in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Maloneys Grocer is your just-around-the-corner corner store. Whether you need to pick up some milk on the way home from work or are looking for a more enriching location for your weekly grocery shop, Maloneys Grocer is sure to surpass even the highest expectations.

So what types of luxurious items will you find in the aisles at Maloneys Grocer? Here are some of the recent products that customers have been loving:
  • Argyle Prestige – Beef Rib Eye
  • Belmore Meats – Organic Lamb Koftas
  • Gamze Smokehouse – Free Range Bacon
  • Nonnas – Chicken Involtini
  • Maggie Beer – Chocolate & Slated Caramel Ice Cream
  • Bravo Handmade Gelato – Pistachio
  • Elgin – Organic Peas
  • Seavory – Blue Swimmer Crab Claw Meat
  • The One That Got Away – Barramundi Boneless
  • 2DIE4 Live Foods – Activated Organic Brazil Nuts
  • Absolute Organic – Egg free Mayonaise
  • Coyo Yoghurt – Coconut Yoghurt
  • Fifya – Gluten Free Falafel
  • Inside Out – Cold Pressed Almond Milk
  • Organic Medjool Dates
  • Organic Button Mushrooms
  • Barmabah Organic – Skim Quark
  • Fromager D'Affinois – Double Creme
  • Meredith Dairy – Goat Cheese with Fresh Dill
  • Sonoma – Miche Wholewheat
  • Spring Wholefoods – Sprouted Seed Bread
If that list of delectable produce has your mouth watering, your mind is going to explode when you discover the massive range of artisanal crafted dairy and bakery goods in store.

But there are a lot of grocery stores that stock a wide range of boutique wholefoods and organic produce, so why does Maloneys Grocer deserve the reputation as the #1 organic supermarket in Sydney.

How does free delivery sound?

Ok, so there are some provisos. It only applies to your first delivery after you sign up for a free account with Maloneys Grocer. But still, free delivery of your handpicked groceries delivered right to your door is a great offering.

If you would like to take advantage of the offer, visit the grocery delivery Sydney website and sign up for an account. Once you sign up you will receive a discount coupon for free shipping on your first order.

Have You Tried Online Grocery Shopping Yet?

Inside Retail recently revealed there has been a 25% growth in online grocery shopping in the last year. Why are so many Australian households undertaking their grocery shopping online?

  • Save time
  • No waiting in queues
  • No finding a park
  • No heavy lifting
  • No dragging your bags from the car to your door
  • Get your shopping down at any time, even at 3am
  • Shop wherever is convenient for you
  • Save your shopping lists to speed up the process
While Maloneys Grocer is committed to providing the friendliest good-old-fashioned customer service in-store, they have also invested in making their online store a pleasure to use.

Find the groceries you want with a few simple clicks. Check everything off your shopping list and then check out without breaking a sweat. Organise what time you want your groceries delivered and the team at Maloneys Grocer will take care of the rest.

If you are ready to add some excitement back into your grocery shopping experience, you know where to go.

With three convenient locations in the Eastern Suburbs, Maloneys Grocer is your friendly local organic supermarket.

Pop in today to meet the team, explore the aisles and find your new favourite home of fresh ingredients.

Maloneys Grocer
Address: 4/490 Crown St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9331 3811

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Is This The Best Window Cleaning Company In Sydney?

Are you sick and tired of your filthy windows?
Do you get frustrated when you try and clean your windows yourself and end up with so many streaks over your windows it looks like an impressionist painting?

It is amazing that the only time that we appreciate windows is when they are sparkling clean. Crystal clear windows improve the view out of your home and provide a great first impression for your visitors.

What do your windows look like now?
Are they covered in bird droppings, fingerprint smudges and layers of dust?

If you want a quick and affordable way to freshen up the appearance of your home, it is time for a professional window clean!

Once your windows are cleaned you will enjoy more natural light flowing through your windows. You will be better able to appreciate the uninterrupted view out of your windows. Your rooms will instantly feel fresher, cleaner and more inviting.

There is no shortage of window cleaning businesses on the North Shore of Sydney, so which is the best?
What is the best affordable window cleaning service?
Who offers the most professional service?
Which team has a reputation for class-leading results?

The #1 North Shore Window Cleaning Team

Clean My Windows stands head and shoulders above the competition. Save yourself the time and hassle of ringing around countless contractors asking for quotes, and then wasting even more time waiting for them to respond. Contact the industry leaders first and enjoy the professionalism of the North Shore's most recommended locally owned window cleaning team.

What types of properties do Clean My Windows clean?

  • Homes
  • Apartments
  • Multi-level offices
  • Strata-titled properties
  • Commercial buildings
  • Shopping centres
  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Shopfronts

If your windows are dirty, Clean My Windows is the solution.

With decades of experience in the industry, the multi-skilled technicians know the tips and tricks to ensure your windows are left spot-free and crystal-clear.

Commercial Window Cleaning

If you are going to give your potential customers the very best first impression, your shopfront had better not be covered in grimy handprints and bird droppings. Clean My Windows has established an enviable reputation on the North Shore for prompt and professional commercial window cleaning service. The window cleaners exude friendly professionalism that will reflect highly on your business.

When you book an appointment with Clean My Windows you can be confident that they will arrive on time with all of the equipment needed to safely and efficiently clean your windows. Using advanced cleaning techniques they will leave your windows spotless with minimal to no interruption to your normal routine. The well dressed and attentive staff take care of all of the trick tasks so that you can focus on your profit making activities. Enjoy stress-free commercial window cleaning from the North Shore's most professional window cleaning technicians.

Strata Window Cleaning

Servicing strata-managed buildings up to four stories in height, Clean My Windows offers a no-fuss window cleaning service that has been tailor designed to provide body managements with affordable window cleaning services. The team will notify in writing all of the residents of the building of the date and time of the cleaning work as well as providing their contact details for tenants to contact them. This unique approach ensures that Clean My Windows handles all of the correspondence with residents so that you don't have to. If you have been searching for an affordable strata window cleaning team in Sydney that will do the job right the first time, you are going to love Clean My Windows. If you would like to request a quote for cleaning your strata-managed property, contact the team directly on 0416 622 134 or via the form on the window cleaning Sydney website.

Domestic Window Cleaning

Are you going to list your property on the market? Have you been preparing your home for a special event? Has your window cleaning been put off long enough? It doesn't matter what condition your windows are in, Clean My Windows is the team you can rely on for superior workmanship and service. Once the fully trained and insured window cleaners are finished, you will have the satisfaction and enjoyment of having crystal-clear windows. You will appreciate the improved look and feel of perfectly polished glass.

How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost In Sydney?

It can be really hard trying to find an estimate of how much window cleaning costs in Sydney? With so many different window cleaning companies in the region, there is going to be vast array of different levels of service and workmanship.

But by looking at a wide range of Sydney window cleaning websites, here are the average advertised costs:

  • Apartments - $110 – 180
  • Home - $170 – 250
  • Two Storey Home - $350+

Note that these are averages collated from a wide range of window cleaning companies that offer different standards.

According to the average window cleaner charges from $30-$45 per hour.

So how much should you pay for window cleaning on the North Shore of Sydney?

You don't need to guess.
You don't need to estimate.

Just give Clean My Windows a call today. 

They are willing and happy to provide you with a free no-obligation quote. Just provide them with a few simple details such as the location of your property, the number of storeys, how many window panes and the ease of access, and they will provide you with a quote that will be sure to impress.

One of the reasons why so many residents on the North Shore are so happy to recommend Clean My Windows to their friends and family is their reputation of providing above and beyond what you would expect of a window cleaning firm.

They provide friendly and personalised service.
They arrive on time and offer the greatest respect to you and your property.
They leave your windows absolutely spotless, shimmering and streak-free.

If you are sick and tired of dealing with amateur windows cleaners that provide mediocre results, contact the team at Clean My Windows today.

Who is the best window cleaning team on the North Shore of Sydney?

When you consider the amazing rates, exceptional workmanship and reputation for consistent professionalism, there is no doubt that Clean My Windows is the team you can rely on.

To discover the complete range of service the team provides, visit the company website today.

Clean My Windows
Address: Lane Cove NSW
Phone: 0416 622 134

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