Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Solar Panel Installation In Brisbane – 4 Questions You Should Ask

How Much Is The Solar Rebate In Qld?

This is a really important question, and one of the most searched for questions related to solar energy.


There are two reasons.
  1. Who doesn't love free money?
  2. The answer is not clear.
There are some basic facts available, such as:

According to the solar panel installers Brisbane website, the Federal Government Scheme will subsidise up to $60 per kW installed. So if you have a common 5kW solar system, then you can enjoy savings of up to $3,150 per annum.

So that sounds simple, but unfortunately, there is a lot more to consider.

There is legislation that has been implemented that scraps 1/15th of the scheme benefits per year.

Additionally, the rebate is often refereed to as the STC. What is this new acronym? Small-scale Technology Certificate Program, which works in essence like a solar certificate stock with a variable value.

So with all of this complexity and seemingly overlapping legislation and rebates is there an easy way to identify the solar rebate in Queensland?

There sure is. Ask a solar panel installer.

They have all of the updated information, and it is in their best interest to provide you with the full benefit of the rebate. So save yourself a headache and engage the services of a professional solar panel installer to calculate the estimate solar rebate for your intended solar panels.

Who Is The Best Solar Panel Installation Team In Brisbane?

From our viewpoint, there is a clear leader – Easy Solar Energy.

Here are five reasons why you will happily agree that Easy Solar Energy is the best solar panel installation team in Sydney:
  1. Competitive rates
  2. Innovative solar energy systems
  3. Locally owned and operated
  4. Friendly service
  5. Reliable workmanship
Instead of just selling solar panels, Easy Solar Energy offers complete solar energy packages along with professional installation. Offering convenient services for both residential and commercial properties, Easy Solar Energy offers simplified services to help you harness electricity from the sun in the simplest and most effective manner.

If you would like to take advantage of their unique no-obligation quote, visit the Easy Solar Energy website today. One of the highly-skilled technicians will help you evaluate the costs involved in installing a solar power system for your home or office.


  • Energy assessments
  • Home energy
  • Business energy
  • Solar energy systems
  • Energy storage systems
  • Residential solar power systems

Whether you need a single solar panel installed on your family home in Ipswich or a state-of-the-art solar power system maintained on your commercial facility on the Gold Coast, Easy Solar Energy is the team you can trust.

Get the answers you need from industry experts who have the expertise and experience you can rely on.

Come and visit the Easy Solar Energy website to discover the class-leading services provided by Brisbane's #1 solar power team!
Easy Solar Energy
Address: Eagleby QLD 4207
Phone: 1300 882 287

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