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The Best Way To Keep Your Rug Clean

There is something really frustrating about a pesky spot being in the wrong place.


Especially, if that obnoxious little spot is on your precious Oriental rug. While not every hand-woven rug is a pice of art worthy of wall space in the Louvre, they are a great expression of artistry.

But it is amazing at how we treat these functional expressions of art. We trample and trudge over them. In some households, pet dig their claws deep into the bottom layers of the rug and tear and slice the delicate fabrics.

Would we ever treat an oil painting with such disdain?

But this is one of the reasons we love our Persian rugs. Not only are they are functional and durable piece of home furnishing, but they are a form of art that allows us to express our personality right in the heart of our living heart.

Despite the fact that we treat our Persian rugs with the same amount of respect as we do our carpeted floors, they can hold and even increase in value if they are properly maintained.

So with that in mind, what is the best specialist rug cleaning service in Sydney?

Do a bit of digging around and the answer is strikingly obvious – Oriental Rug Care.

Family owned and operated, Oriental Rug Care provides class-leading specialist rug cleaning services that are head and shoulders above all other companies in Sydney.

Why Choose Oriental Rug Care?

Exceptional Results – When it comes to caring for your precious rug, affordable rates are great but nothing trumps exceptional results. When you get your rug back you want any stains to be removed. The colours should be brighter. The knots should feel softer underfoot. There should be no musty smells. When you use Oriental Rug Care to clean your rug, it will feel, look and even smell clean. Many rug owners are surprised at how big a difference a professional rug clean can make. You will be able to appreciate the artistry and patterns as the colours have greater contrast. Restore your rug and enjoy it for years to come.

Competitive Rates – Even though the rug technicians use advanced cleaning techniques and never cut corners, they manage to keep rates competitive. They still provide extensive care, time and attention to each and every rug. With streamlined processes and a team that understands the intricacies of stain removal, Oriental Rug Care is passionate about keeping their rates affordable so that every rug can receive proper care.

Class-Leading Services – Oriental Rug Care is setting the standard in the industry. The technicians continue to undertake training so that they can keep their mantle with the industry's defining standard of excellence. Not only are their results impressive, but they treat each customer with genuine care and respect. They love their work and this is evident in everything they do.
No matter the rug, Oriental Rug Care is the solution.
The team at Oriental Rug Care have a wide back-catalogue of rug cleaning success stories including precious, valuable, rare and antique rugs. Whether you have an Oriental, Turkish, Indian, Chinese or modern rug, Oriental Rug Care offer custom rug cleaning solutions that will be sure to impress.

Your Local Rug Cleaner

Based in Marrickville, Oriental Rug Care services all suburbs in Eastern Sydney. Visit the following location pages to discover their specialist services for your region:

What Is The Best Cleaning Technique For An Oriental Rug?

Every rug is different. The colours, construction and condition of the rug needs to be assessed by an experienced professional before a cleaning technique could be recommended.
But just for argument sake, if there is one rug cleaning technique that could take the title as the #1 rug cleaning technique, which would take the title?

Ask an industry professional what is the best technique for cleaning a hand-woven rug and they will all reply with the same response, full submersion washing. 

For thousands of years, rug merchants in the Middle East have been using simple but effective submersion techniques for ensuring that even the deepest fibres are properly cleaned. Fast-forward to our time and modern rug cleaning technicians are using the same full submersion techniques with the added benefit of advanced cleaning solutions.

If you want your rug to last, full submersion cleaning is the best option. All of those abrasive sand and dirt particles will be removed. Acids and harsh chemicals that buildup on the fibres will be removed, all without damaging the dyes and gentle fabrics in the padding of the rug.

Vacuuming your rug is the easiest and most effective means of regular rug maintenance. But to actively extend the lifespan of your rug and prevent damage, a professional rug clean is what the doctor orders!

If you would like to have a further read on the amazing construction techniques of hand-woven rugs, there is a spectacular article on the NY Times site entitled, "It's Hard To Kill A Good Oriental Carpet".

Sydney's Best Rug Cleaners

Oriental Rug Care provides a unique 12 -step rug cleaning process that includes dye-setting, pre-spotting, full submersion cleaning, fringe cleaning, pH correction and deodorising. Following this comprehensive rug cleaning process, your rug will be restored back to its original glory.

If you are ready to provide your rug with the maintenance it deserves, give the team at Oriental Rug Care a call today. They will happily provide you with a free rug cleaning appraisal. With free rug pick-up and drop-off services, there is no easier way of keeping your rug in tip-top condition.

Give the team at Oriental Rug Care a call today.

Oriental Rug Care of Australia
Address: 23 Shepherd St, Marrickville NSW 2204
Phone: (02) 9018 1510

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