Monday, September 7, 2009

Pioneer Websites Testimonials

Read what our clients are saying about the service they get from Pioneer Websites:
(N.B. No quotations were harmed in the recording of these testimonials)

I love your web site - so easy to use I have just placed our first order... :) Thanks for the easy process Cheers Narelle
 - A customer on our client's site, Vegitation Greengrocer, 29/07/13

Just thought I’d let you know the number of visitors to my website have doubled over the last month... The latest [customer] revealed that he found me by googling [my new keyword]! Your efforts have paid off for me, thanks!
 - Mike Jarvis, Experience the Wild, 05/07/13

I love it! I love the ..., the advanced ... as well as the ... I like how the ... as well as the ... I also like the ... 

Honestly, I have looked carefully and I can't see any criticisms or faults or any comments to make that would improve...

I am very impressed.
 - Jason Bogatai, Bristol & Brooks, 15/02/13

Perfect.  Thank you so much!!
You're awesome mate.  Thanks a lot.
 - Jon Mannah, tredRITE Height Safety, 26/01/13

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me! ... I’ll continue to edit and change – but that’s what I really like about this system! ... Again, many thanks for all of your assistance :)
 - Rosalind Kimber, RK Resumes, 11/01/13

This is why we hire professionals! Thanks..., it really works! In fact, it works so well... we love it
 - Luiz Teixeira, Sydney Roof & Gutter, 13/12/12

THANK YOU, it’s awesome!!!!!
 - Janette King, Isis Business Systems, 23/06/12

I tell ya what, it's just going gangbusters Paul, honestly!
 - Frank Iaria, Vegitation Mt Beauty Green Grocer, 04/05/12

I wanted to sincerely thank you and your team for all your effort and creativity. The website is coming together nicely and many things are better than expected.
 - Daniel Wurm, National Painting & Decorating Institute, 11/02/12

I would like to thank you very much on the hard work you have put into the website. it is great great work and alex agrees. we are very impressed and amazed for your artistic and professional result.
 - Michael Moussey, Ultimate Cobbler, 2/01/12

Love it when you explain things in such succinct detail.

Love it.

- Jason Bogatai, Bristol & Brooks, 03/08/11

Job well done, this is a magnificent site …full of good content!

The search engines should love it!

- Gabriel Andrews, Twista, 24/05/11

Just had our first person on the Bundy site who initiated [an online] chat and just purchased a system online after our chat.

Thanks again for getting this up and running and suggesting this cheaper option.

- David Azzopardi, Bundy Specialists, 20/05/11

Thanks again for everything. Your diligent, logical approach has been refreshing. The slick way the site works - especially with the content management system - is exactly what we were after.

- Matt Milgrom, Tender Success, 05/08/10

Since we have the new website, the Dept of Education NSW and Dept of Environment has granted us $$ to train 420 painters!

- Daniel Wurm, Green Painters, 24/06/10

That was quick!!! Talk about good service. Thanks so much once again for your help, I look forward to continually doing business with you.

- Isaac Swoma, West Coast Cruisers, 20/05/10

This is perfect... Thanks so much... terrific... Good work! 

- Fiona Liu, Daily Telegraph, 12/02/10

Thanks - love your work!!!!!  Must say I'm getting a lot more visitors and bean bags are moving.... 

- Ann Anderson, Annie Bs, 08/12/09

If you're trying to impress me, its working... 

- Daniel Wurm, GreenPainters, 01/12/09

Thanks Paul I love the way you work !!
- Darrianne Donnelly, BGM Models & Pyjama Women, 09/07/09

Fantastic job mate really happy with the site! Thanks for working so fast.
- Damian Barry, Sounds Like Home, 08/07/09

This is great, makes life so much easier. I should of got you to do one of these for me years ago.
- Natalie Wakeling, Embody Denim, 27/06/09

You’re a genius! A legend! A man of standards!
- Jason Bogatai, Bristol & Brooks, 27/05/09

God love you Paul that is fantastic...DD
- Darrianne Donnelly, Pyjama Women, 30/04/09

Absolutely marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Let's get going now... Your report certainly has opened my eyes to where I can and need to go from here with it. Very exciting!
- Ann Anderson, Annie B's, 03/04/09

Thanks so much Paul ... you really do a wonderful job for us all!
- Clare Bogatai, Bristol & Brooks, 30/03/09

I’ve had a look and all I can say is wow! And thank you thank you thank you. I love it! ... Lots of our friends have look at the site and love the quality.
- Cliff How, Fin Portraits, 24/03/09

Hi Paul, I received my business cards today they look amazing, the quality is superb.
- Cliff How, Fin Portraits, 19/03/09

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again............I LOVE YA WORK!!
- Jason Bogatai, Bristol & Brooks, 28/10/08

You are amazing thanks for that...DD
- Darrianne Donnelly, Pyjama Women, 22/10/08

You are worth more money.
- David Azzopardi, Finger Access, 10/04/08

We are getting more enquiries than previously, we can only put it down to your google ad words. Top stuff... You’re a legend. I knew we went with you for a reason.
- David Azzopardi, Finger Access, 11/10/07

I’m in heaven. This is soooooooooooo good!
- Jason Bogatai, Brisol & Brooks, 02/05/07

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