Monday, April 22, 2019

Whirlybirds – Not Just Great For Summer

When you think of the roof of a typical Australian family home, what do you picture?

If you are from suburban Sydney maybe you picture red tiled roofs. For individuals in the Northern half of Australia, maybe you are envisioning lightly coloured Colorbond roofs.

But what do you see moving on the roof?

Is it the iconic Australian whirlybird?

All over Australia, savvy property owners have installed whirlybirds of every shape and size onto their roofs.


Well, obviously there are massive cooling benefits. The roof cavity of your property acts as a heat sink. Air that is trapped under your roof and above your ceiling gets heated to extreme levels on hot summer days. That heat is then radiated throughout the house through the ceiling and internal structures.

A whirlybird removes heated air from the roof cavity and replaces it with fresh cool air. Homeowners report that the cooling effect of installing a whirlybird is significant.
So if you would like to reduce the cost of your electricity bill in summer, installing a whirlybird is an easy and cost-effective way of reducing your reliance on air-conditioning during even the most intense heatwave.
But are there other benefits that whirlybirds can bring?

Do you have issues with mould in your house in winter?

The proliferation of mould not only presents health risks but it also creates a musty and disturbing smell that reduces the comfortability of your home.

What is the leading cause of mould?

Especially in the winter months it is vital to remove moisture and increase ventilation in order to create an environment that prevents mould growth. Whirlybirds and roof ventilators increase air movement throughout your property, thereby ensuring water vapour does not settle on your surfaces.

If you have ongoing mould problems in your home and office, a whirlybird could be the solution.

Does your bathroom have an extractor fan that removes all of that moisture from your bathroom? Have you ever considered where all of that moist air goes? Directly into your roof cavity.

A roof ventilator increases air movement throughout your roof cavity. By preventing the moisture buildup from steam and condensation, whirlybirds create a healthier atmosphere and environment in your property.

 What Is Australia's Favourite Whirlybird?

Twista is an Australian owned and operated company that has been designing, manufacturing and installing whirlybirds and roof ventilators since 1999. With installation teams in Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Gold Coast, Caboolture and Brisbane, Twista is your local roof ventilation team.

Using premium quality materials and components, Twista whirlybirds are designed to last. Combining peak performance and class-leading durability, Twista whirlybirds offer exceptional value for money.

For eco-friendly cooling in summer and a dry winter, rely on Twista whirlybirds.

Visit the company website to discover the complete range of roof ventilation systems the team provides.

Twista Whirlybirds
Address: Ingleburn NSW 2565 Australia
Phone: 1300 797 714

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