Monday, June 8, 2009

Where can I advertise my business online?

If you've spoken to us about a web-based startup you've probably heard about our patented two step process:

1. Put your business on the web.
2. Make money from it.
N.B. Don't forget step 2.

Unfortunately around 65% of businesses in our experience leave out step 2 when starting up, and the number one shortfall is they don't attract customers by promoting their website in high quality directories. This of course is a service Pioneer Websites offer, however we understand not everyone's marketing budget has room for someone else to do the leg work and so we commend website owners efforts in self promotion.

Want a head start?
We recommend

First of all, they're 100% Aussie. Being listed with them will help your search engine rankings in Full stop.

Secondly, our recent dealings with ClickFind have proven to us they are committed to both high quality customer service and first rate Search Engine Optimisation.

Our very first email to them was answered within the hour, and they are continually enhancing their web presence (30,000 web pages isn't to be sneezed at!).

So if you're wondering - where can I advertise my business online? ... check them out.

Click Find.

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