Monday, November 22, 2010

Free Quality Images For Website SEO

Royalty Free Images
SEO is not about sending visitors to a website. It's optimising a website so that visitors from search engines will succeed. Google's Instant preview on the search engine results pages (SERPs) just made this even MORE important as your title and meta description will quickly take a second place to your visual representation!

Quality stock photos and stock imagery will help your SEO in three ways:
  1. Visitors will return to your quality website
  2. Users will link to your quality site
  3. Searchers will click on your SERP link
Where can I get quality photos that don't break the budget?

Let's establish a fundamental truth: You get what you pay for! It's, true, however sometimes you get a little more than what you pay for. Here are two sources of high quality FREE stock photos and royalty free stock photos at a truly low price:

Stock.XCHNG - Free Photos
  • Pro: Completely free
  • Con: Some photographers require notification of final use
  • Con: Wade through low quality images to find the good ones
  • Con: A LOT of advertising, can be confusing and you end up selecting an expensive iStockPhoto 
Dreamstime - Free Photos & Royalty Free Images
  • Pro: Completely free high res quality photos
  • Pro: High quality high resolution photos royalty free very cheap
  • Pro: No advertising
  • Con: Paid photos require you to buy credits (min. ~$10)
So between the two there's a good chance you'll find the shot you're looking for completely free, and if you need to purchase one at Dreamstime, you'll get away with about $10 and be able to buy about 8 photos.

The boost to your Search Engine Optimisation will be well worth it!

Royalty Free Images

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